How much compensation we will get for a street dog bite in India


        Today I would like to inform you about how much compensation we get for a street dog bite, we see a lot of stray dogs around us. Itihaas become common for them to bite us. When Street dogs bite we usually go to the hospital and buy medicine. But many people are unaware that we can get compensation if we are bitten by street dogs.

       If you bite a street dog,apply clean cloth to the wound and gently press down to stop the flow. Apply antibacterial lotion and cover with sterile bandage. You should be monitored for signs of infection until it is completely healed. If you have uncontrollable bleeding from the wound, fever, red swollen wound, or warm wound, you should take emergency medical attention.You should report your bite incident to the proper authorities.

       Many people are unaware that the government and the local bodies are liable to pay compensation after a stray dog bite. More than 1 lakh people are attacked by stray dogs in our state every year. We can apply for compensation in a white paper. We can include vehicle repair expenses and bills for medical expenses .

     Justice Siri Jagan committee provides compensation to two-wheelers passengers including injury in street dog attacks.

We will get lakhs  as compensation.  You can apply at these address.Justice srinagar committee,corporation  building,Paramaribo road,Ernakulam.

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