How can we find the plastic egg

          In the plastic egg, hardening of inner and Outer shell membrane of egg was dubbed as plastic egg. The outer shell membrane lying between inner cell membrane and white outer shell also get thickened  as egg becomes older.   

                    Eggs can  kept up kept at room temperature can  maintain their freshness upto 10 to 12 days after laid. Shelf life reduces which increase in storage temperature. Do not use cracked egg. These are perfect foil for bacterial infections.

  •  The white and yolk of fake eggs, quickly  mixes together after cracking it unlike the real ones.
  •  Fake egg  have slightly harder, Shinier,  year rubber shells Dan real mans fake rougher shells than real ones.
  • Fake eggs have a rubbery lining inside the shells. 
  • You will hear a sound when you shake fake egg as  liquid will flow.
  •  The smell of real eggs are   like raw meat. But fake one’s does not smell. 
  • Cracking a real  egg lightly generate a crisp sound. But fake eggs have no sound. 
  • The  fake eggs does not attract insects.
  •  Fake yolk melts.
  •  After boiling,  put them in water, natural egg sink and fake egg floats.

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