How can occur sinusitis and its treatments

           Sinusitis is a disease that affects most of us. Many people do not know what it really is. If we have cold and sneezing all day long, we have to doubt about  if we have sinusitis . The sinuses are the air filled chambers in the bones between our nose and eyes. Sinusitis is the inflammation of the cells inside these sinuses. it is caused by inflammation caused by common cold.

                The sinuses are four sets of chambers on either side of the nose .The mucosa is found in our nose and in these sinuses. This mucosa reacts to the dust in the air we breathe. It is an immune system in our body. If the example says that  we breath in any dust ,we will feel a few times in order to get rid of that dust. 

         Similarly water will flow from the nose. A 5 ml would come if you were a normal human being. But if you are an allergic person, 15ml will come out of your nose. If daily comes like this, it will turn into a chronic cold. This is called allergic rhinitis . Today I would like to share with you what are the problems caused by this allergic rhinitis.

              If an allergic person has an allergy for a long time but is not treated , the mucosa becomes swollen with the hyper function . This swelling is called polyp. It grows inside the sinuses and comes to the inside of the nose.Thus the sinus closes the opening to the nose. Thus causing swelling  in the sinuses.Then it turns in to pus and we call it sinusitis.


  • Head ache
  •  sneezing 
  • Nasal congestion
  •  pain on the face
  • Itching  on the nose
  • Fever


  • Nasal endoscopy -diagnose the sinusitis
  • Patient needs  surgery if you have sinusitis and pus.(FES)

Things to look out for a patient after surgery

  • Rinse the  inside of the nose with the saline  for up to a month.This should be done 4 times a day. 
  • See the surgeon  on the 10 th and 30 th day after the surgery. 
  • When we see the surgeon again,the surgeon does endoscopy again to remove all the dirt inside the nose.

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