Homes starting from Rs 4 lakhs are being constructed at low cost

     Every person has a dream to make a house at low cost. A man spends the rest of his life building a house. We can see that the cost of housing has increased a lot over the years. But with good planning we can reduce our cost to some extent. Always build a house on a very small space. It is better to build a two storey house than to build a one storey house. Because it will cost a lot to build a floor.

     If we build a house with interlocking blocks we can reduce the cost of the house. This is because the use of interlocking blocks will reduce the cost of cement and sand. Construction of a house under a low budget is unthinkable in the present time. Because of the high cost of materials and labour. But they will get many ideas from the internet to build a house at low cost. We can see many constructors  have completed  the work of a house at low cost within a very short span of time.

      It takes at least six months to build a new house. Today we can see a house built at  four  lakhs. Today we are introducing an institution that will help you to build a house on the desired budget in the way you want.Its name is vasthuvidya homes. 

The house they are building at 4 lakh rupees  has all the facilities. These houses are being built by the efforts of a large community.

      All the work required for the construction of these houses are done by a team of friends. Plumbing,electrical,carpentry works are done by these teams. Usually the materials needed for house work have to be bought at a very high price.

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        But some companies are offering these construction products at a lower price. Therefore it helps to make this home construction budget friendly. They build houses using good quality materials. They build houses on a budget that suits everyone. Not only that, they are also building old style houses in a new style of contemporary style. They also do well at art works.

      The front door of the house which is being built for Rs 4 lakhs  is made of ACP aluminium.2 bedrooms are here.  Bedroom is provided with an attached bathroom. The bedroom is well ventilated. They provide two lights of 12 volts in the bedroom. The dining area is provided separately from the living area. Dividing a small balcony enhances the beauty of the house.They provide  glass type windows.  PVC roof is provided in the bedroom and living area.It is in munnar, Idukki. 

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