Homeopathic treatment  is available  for infertility -Dr. Sarah Nandana


         Get to know a doctor who has made rare achievements  in infertility  treatment. Infertility  treatment  is the last hope for those who do not have children. It is the use of medical  techniques to improve the ability of a woman to conceive children. There are infertility  treatments specifically  for men/women.

       These treatments include medications that help with hormones  and ovulation. Two common infertility  treatments  are IUI(Intrauterine insemination) and IVF(In vitro fertilization).IUI collects  the healthy sperm and inserts it  directly  into the uterus when ovulating. 

         IVF is the eggs are taken from ovaries  and fertilized by supermarkets in a laboratory, where they develop into embryos. You should eat foods rich in antioxidants. Eat a large amount of breakfast,Avoid fatty foods.Eat Fiber rich foods.

       The main causes of infertility  are age,hormonal imbalance, abnormal menstrual  cycle,obesity, underweight, endometriosis  and structural  problems.you can check your infertility at home.  It can  be measured  through a blood test.pelvic pain,pain during sex,back pain,fatigue, nausea,irregular  menstruation,bowel problems are the signs of infertility.

         Low sperm count,low sperm motility,abnormal speed are the causes of men infertility. It can be caused from overheated testicles,testicular infections, evaluation disorders,hormonal imbalance ,hypospadias, cystic fibrosis,radiation treatment, etc.

         Female infertility  can be treated with medicines,surgery, artificial insemination, etc. Fertility treatments  for men are varicocele, erectile dysfunction, blockage of ejaculated ducts,etc.

        But today I would like to introduce you to a homoeopathic doctor who had a rare success in infertility  treatment. Her name is Sara Nandhana.  It is in muvattupuzha taluk hospital. 

        She has given birth to 900 childless couples in the last 4 years. Most people do not know that there is a treatment for infertility in homeopathy. They started infertility  treatment 6 years ago as part of the seethalayam project implemented by the government homeo hospital. 

         This was first implemented in Kannur district. Janani was started under the leadership of Dr sara nandhana. Now that the results of this treatment  are known,many people  are looking for them.This treatment  is provided completely  free of cost. People who have been having allopathic treatment for years and had no results are now seeking them out.

       A 45 year old woman who had been receiving treatment for 20 years but had no results had children after coming here. The treatment is done with  homeopathic remedies without using any artificial methods.

Now we will get homeopathic treatments  from thrissur. It is in thrissur.

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