Home remedy to grow beards and moustaches well

       The fact that the moustache and beard do not grow is a major problem for many people. This is something that a lot of young people worry about a lot. 

        Today we are going to tell you about the tips for growing moustaches and beards.we need to make changes in our diet  to grow beards and moustaches.

       Avoid tension,mental stress,insomnia (lack of sleep).It may cause hair loss.Eat plenty of foods rich in vitamin B1,B6,B12. This will help to increase the thickness and length of the mustache and beard.

        Take more green leafy vegetables,fruits,biotin containing foods like cauliflower, liver,egg yolks,nuts,fish,peas.Take more iron and zinc containing foods.

       Drink plenty of water. Castrol oil best for hair growth. After taking some caster oil in our hands and massage with our fingers to the moustaches and beard.Massage well for 15 minutes. 

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