Home remedy for toothache

         Is there anyone who does not have a toothache??  Tooth ache affects most of us. People who have tooth ache know that it is a strong pain. When a toothache  occurs, most of us go to the doctor and have our teeth removed. But since this is a time of covid19, we also have a limit to go to the hospital. We will try not to go to the hospital 

                   So today I would like to introduce you to the best remedy for toothache. It does not require any other medications. It is very effective home remedy toothache. With this remedy we can fix even the teeth that need to be root canal. Let’s see how to make a medicine for toothache.


  • Normal water     – 1 glass
  • Alum     – 1 piece 

Take one glass of normal water. Add a  piece of Alum to this water. This Alam is one of the most used in barber shops. Alum is a good disinfectant.Stir this water with a spoon for 15 to 20 anyway..  

             Then remove the alum from the water. We can also use alum powder. Mix the  alum well in water for 15 seconds and then take it out. We can reuse the remaining piece of alum. 

        This water can be rinsed off after gargling in the mouth. Doing so will give a good relief to our toothache. If we do this for three days,  we will get a good relief in toothache. 

        If you have a good tooth ache,  gargle for five days in the morning and evening to relieve the tooth  ache. Alum costs only Rs 25 per block. Alam is available in all the shops. Please try this and share this information to others.

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