Home remedy for Toenail fungus

      The term toe nail fungus is a disease that comes to most of us. It is most commonly seen in women .people who stay in mud  for a long time also get this disease. If a toe Nail fungus comes to our feet, we are in a state of distress on the feet. It can be sore and itchy.sometimes it has painful.We will loss the beauty of our feet. For those who work in the fields, it is common .

     As a solution to this, we would like to share with you today a home made remedy. Henna is used for this homemade tip. 


  Henna leaves  

 Lemon juice   – 1

  •  Take the leaves of the henna and grind well.
  •  Make it into a cream and then pour  little lemon juice in it.
  • Mix it well and  apply it right where the toenail fungus. This will help eliminate the toenail fungus. Doing this for a few days will gradually make it will change and begin to grow fresh nails.
  • Workers in mud  should keep their feet or nail ,free of mud.
  • The nails should always be cut flat.  
  • Do this tip  for one week.
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