Home remedy for relieving numbness

         One of the most common ailments that most of us experience is numbness in the limbs while lying down. This is caused by a small problem with our nerves. Numbness is the  tingling feeling in the legs. It causes due to lack of blood supply to the nerves of the legs.

       Today I want to share with you an important  remedy for relieving numbness.This is a very useful remedy. Let’s see how this is make.It has no side effects.


Milk   – 1 glass

Sesame ( ellu )  – 1 tsp

Cardamon powder   – 1 pinch

Turmeric powder  – ¼ tsp

        Take a glass of milk and add a teaspoon of white sesame seeds. This white colored sesame is best for numbness in the legs. Add a  pinch of cardamom powder to it. Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to it.Mi well and boil this mixture well.

          This  is something that everyone regardless of age can use. It can also be used in hot water for those who cannot use milk. Do not filter this mixture after boiling. You can drink it every night. Drink it continuously for about 10 days.You will get a good result.

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