Home remedy for lose the hanging stomach 

      There are those who are unable to lose hanging stomach after childbirth. Hanging stomach is something that affects even our beauty. I want to share with you that it is good cool tips to loss hanging stomach. 

       We use homemade ingredients for this. We can make this remedy very simple. This will help our body to stay in good health. Let’s see how it is prepared. This remedy will help you to lose weight quickly.


Ginger –  1 piece

Black seed( karinjeerakam)  – 1tsp

         Grate  the ginger first. Ginger should be peeled off with the skin. This is better than taking ginger juice. Grate the  ginger well and take out. Take a teaspoon of black seed soaked in water the day before. We have to take that water. Take the juice of the ginger that we have crushed. You can add that 2 tsp fresh  juice to this water. Mix well.

           Drink this water twice a day. We can drink on an empty stomach in the morning and after dinner.  Food should be taken only 2 hours after drinking this water. Black seed has many benefits. This will help in reducing the body fat well. It is one of the best medicine for loss the hanging stomach. If you drink this water for three days you will see your stomach shrink.

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