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       Home appliances play an important role in our life.Now human beings use more sophisticated tools for their daily life.All people try to make our life more comfortable. Majority of household appliances are large machines which are used in bedrooms, bathrooms  and kitchens. Household  appliances  have a major role in the stylish appearance of home.Home appliances accomplish household functions.

       These are important appliances which are used in the household for the various day to day functions like exercising, cooking,purifying ,etc. Air conditioners, refrigerators  are commonly used home appliances. It gives cooling and refreshment.And also it keeps the food items fresh for a long time. The major home appliances are refrigerators, mixer grinders,gas stove, pressure cooker, Televisions,air conditioners, home theaters,music players,ceiling fan,air purifier, water heaters, digital clocks, computers,vacuum cleaner, iron box,etc.

      It needs a big investment on purchasing these household appliances. We need certain appliances to make the kitchen activities efficient. Home appliances are an essential part of our life.Energy efficient appliances use technologies that are less energy intensive to reduce the amount of electricity. It lowers greenhouse gas emissions, lowers utility bills ,and creates jobs .

     Now people have machines for doing everything. It helps to get a comfortable life.you should buy quality  home appliances.it demands less maintenance, lasts longer and works better, Never compromise with the quality of a product. Home appliances have changed our way of working. We can do our work  faster.

      A budget helps to set financial goals.Budgeting is a process of creating a spending plan for your money. By creating this plan,you can determine whether you will have enough money to do the things. You can use budgeting to give importance to your expenses .It helps to clear ideas about your money.Allow you to align your monthly expenses.It enables you fulfill your financial goals.you can manage your expenses within your income. It reduces money related stress.it helps to manage your money wisely.

         We can see a place where we get home appliances at low prices.it is in a factory  outlet, mahilalayam junction, aluva. All types of home appliances are available  at 55% discount. you will get a 55 inch television at Rs 18,000 to 25,000. It is a budget friendly  shop.There is a step ladder. TV, home theater,washing machine, AC, kitchen appliances are available. 

          We will get 110 AC at Rs 17,000 to 21,500.Quality soundbars are available at Rs 2900.Home theaters,multimedia speakers are available from Rs 1900.Different types of home theaters are available. 100 watts home theater tower speaker available at Rs 7500.it has double tweeter, 8 inch woofer systems, graphics equaliser,volume controller,DJ lighting setup.Different versions are available. It has 160 watts output.

      Different types of cooking hobs are available here.It has Rs 4500 to 6500.3 burner normal gas burner available at Rs 2450.price can be varied according to stock availability,surplus stock. Different types of kitchen accessories are available  at affordable prices.All items are available here.

     Non-stick fry ,tawa pans are available. All are quality materials.  Quality pans are available at Rs 250. 3 liters cookers started at Rs 390. It has small damages. You can use it well.Diecast grill pans are available. It has Rs 750.Dining enamel sets are available  at Rs 450 to 700.All items are available below Rs 1000.

     3 burner normal gas stoves are available at Rs 1200.32 inch Televisions are available  at Rs 6500 .Fresh Televisions are available at Rs 8500. 40,43,50,53 inch smart and normal  Televisions are available. 55 Televisions are available at Rs 18000 to 25,000 and 43 inch Televisions at Rs 12,000.

       New trend Home theaters are available at Rs 4250. These are branded materials.  It has high sound  quality. Gift items are also available here.Easy mops,water bottles,  flasks are available.  Glass items  are available at Rs 250.Teasets are available at Rs 1000.2meter step ladder is available at Rs 2000.it is telescopic  material. Emergency  lights are available  at Ts 250 to 1500.hair straighteners are available at Rs 450. Bluetooth player is available  Rs 550 to 950. Rechargeable radios are available.mixer grinders are available  Rs 1250. Electric Rice cookers are available at Rs 1250.pedestrial fans started at Rs 1690.

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Factory outlet,near aluva junction,mahilalayam junction



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