High tech poultry  cages for hen

        Today  I would like to inform you about low cost  high tech cages for hens. Hi tech cages are very common methods used in many countries. The walls of the cages are made of solid metal  and the floor is made of sloped wire mesh. It allows the faces to drop down.

         It has an egg collecting tray. Food is given in front of the cage by a plastic pipe . Water served to them by using overhead nipple systems.  There are many floors in a single shade .It can keep many, even thousands of hens together.

          We can take care of the birds easily.we can collect eggs easily.  We will get these cages at low cost. We get these cages from lease cages and incubator ,Kalyani muk,ranging college road,pathanamthitta.

          We will get many types of cages from here. There are  cages for 200 chickens that can be reared together. They used high grade Tata poultry mesh. The cost of hi-tech cage for 14 hens is Rs 6500. It doesn’t need any maintenance  for 5 years.

        The cost of high tech cage for 24 hens is Rs 9500.  Chickens of small size ,weight  and high productivity  should be reared in these cages. Every cage can accommodate about 3 to 6 BV 380.

       We can get all types of birds,ducks ,fishes from here.  We will get normal cages from here.


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