High quality  variety  designed doors at low cost 


     Doors are movable barriers that allow ingress and egress from enclosure.It created  an opening in the wall.It provides security by controlling access to doors.Mainly it is fit into buildings, rooms,etc.we can move doors in various  ways.Doors also has locking system. Doors are various  types and styles. Many kinds of doors have different purposes. There are single leaf doors,double leaf doors, double doors,and French doors.

     Today we can see a place where we get different types of doors at low cost. It is in Near Tirupur old bus stand,Valga Valamudan timbers,tirupur.They have more branches. It is a place where we get modern doors to traditional  doors. They are the manufacturers of doors. These all are quality  doors. We will get single doors and double  doors from here.Water proof,3D doors are available.  Doors start from Rs 2500.we can use these doors in interior  and exterior  uses.

     These doors are made with seasoning woods. We can book these doors and we will get them within 1 week.we can buy ALBD doors at Rs 3500.It is a double colored door. These are water proof doors.Beading doors are also available  here. Different designed doors are here. Beautiful  shade doors are available. 

     They make customized doors also.  Quality wooden doors are available  at Rs 3500.we can select 4 colour doors.we can use these doors in exterior  and interior  uses. Andra tip color, walnut color,aural tea color,cherry color. 

    These are waterproof doors. 80 plus design  doors are available.  600 bedroom doors are available.  They should change bronzes, designs, colours also. Wooden main doors are available.  These doors has Rs 16,000.single and double doors are available.  2 panel type doors are available. These has Rs 24,000. Malaysian doors have Rs 16,000 to 28,500.  These doors have good finishing. 

      Teak doors , Mac polished door has Rs 23,000. It has a natural  look. Teak door with lock has Rs 25,000.white panel door has Rs 13,000.chettinad door has Rs 25,000. Mika bedroom doors have Rs 5500. Uv printed sheet doors have Rs 5500. We will get different  colours of doors. Uv printed sheet peacock doors have Rs 5500.

     Bedroom doorz with doobs has Rs 4000. These are wooden colour designed doors. Beading doors have Ts 3500. Beading  doors with bronze have Rs 4000.pooja doors have Rs 3000.printed sheet pooja doors have Rs 5500.They have 300 plus pooja door designs are available.  

    Memorign doors have Rs 2500.These doors have 100 plus designs.  Memorign sheets covered the wooden  pieces. We can use interior  and exterior  uses. These are waterproofed doors. Mika doors are available.  It has 11/2 inch thickness. Groove mika doors are available. 

    Polished doors and frame with lock set has Rs 45000.t has 14mm grill.we can select the size and finishing. Natural teak color doors with frames are available.  We can use it in the main doors. Quality teak doors are available.  

      We can buy wooden frames, windows at low cost. Seasoning woods are used here. Wooden frames started at 2500.Teak door frame has Rs 5500. Arch type window frames are available.  Main door full set has Rs 32,000. It has a lifetime warranty. We can select the designs. Teak main door complete pack has Rs 52,000.

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Valga Valamudan timbers,Near old bus stand, Tiruput




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