High quality  T shirts at low cost in Tirupur


      T-shirts are popular  and comfortable  clothes. All ages wear it.It reflects the identity of oneself. Everyone has its own perfect type of T shirts.bIt is accessible  in a variety of designs  and colors. T-shirts are also a new form of advertising. We can easily design it. You should design which can convey meaning. It has short sleeves,round neckline, these are made with stretchy,light, inexpensive  fabric. It is easy to clean. 

     It is in a new design apparel international company, Tirupur.They manufacture T-shirts and give to all kerala.  They have 10,000 customers.  It is a leading  company of South India. 

     We can see how to manufacture T-shirts. They buy bundles of clothes from ludhiana. They cut shirts .Relax and cut them into pieces. Hand cut the T shirts for perfection. They  sent it to the printing and embroidery sections. 

      After printing, stitch it to join.There are  Power table section, collar section,iron section, etc. They stitch bismi, myG, kairaliTMT, Eastern,Quality, Malabar TMT,Kabani,VKC ,Kenya, Diamond  brands in kerala. 

      They  make 50 to 5000  orders. They make 3000 round neck T shirts per day. They have cargo vehicles.  They will deliver accurately. They have separate  printing and embroidery  sections. Two types of printing  sections are here. Sublimation printer and reflecting sticker printer. In sublimation, they attach print to the cloth. It is lifelong printing. 

         Reflecting sticker printing is used for gliding printers. They have heat press machines to print the stickers. Sticker printing creators are available. They make stickers and print clothes. All types of printing  sections  are available  here.They have 10000 customers  and 25 sub dealers.  We can buy high quality  T-shirts. We can buy T-shirts at low cost from here.  

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New design apparel international,  Tirupur



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