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       Kurtis are a very important dress for women. Kurtis are the most preferred dress. It is one of the most flexible clothes in our country. It provides blustery and light weight feels. It is accessible in plenty of entrancing styles and plans .It is a very essential piece of Indian culture. Cotton is the most favored texture in most Indian dresses .Cotton kurta is the most preferred dress for women . We can use cotton kurtis in formal and semi formal events. It looks like a wonderful selection all over the place. Ot is accessible in different  plans and styles with ornaments. Various styles of cotton kurtis are available in the market. Kurtis are comfort blended with fashion. It is very comfortable to wear .A wide range of styles are available. 

      Kurtis are a fusion of Indian tradition and fashion. It provides an indo western touch to the dressing. It provides the trendiest and comfortable outfit .It is the most preferred item.people provide maximum value for money. So kurtis are very popular in our country. Churidar cloth is very expensive  and it has a high stitching cost. But kurtis will be available at cheapest rates. So most of the women prefer kurtis.

       Kurtis are available in different sizes. It is a very gorgeous look in any style. You can wear it anywhere.kurtis are available in ethnic and modern styles. You can maintain traditional charm .It does not need a particular salwar. It provides different choices for the bottom, you can shape it perfectly. It has versatility.  So you can wear it to every occasion. It helps to look classic.you can easily wear it.nit is very easier to handle than sarees. 

     There is a vast collection available in the market. Regular wear, office wear, and party wear are available. It is available inS,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL, etc.Kurtis can be purchased through offline and online.various designs, prints,patterns,are available. Women of any age can wear this dress comfortably. Whether you are a school girl, college girl ,married woman, aged grandma ,you can easily wear a kurti at any occasion without compromising comfort.

     We can see a place where we get branded kurtis at affordable  rates.it is in V R stars,Ernakulam. Variety kurtis are available here. Designer tops,partywares  are also available. Latest designed kurtis are available here.It is a factory outlet.you can purchase here and reseller with high profit. Variety models are available. This unit has a stitching unit.They provide wholesale and retail selling.They provide all support to start a business. But you can purchase a minimum Rs 1000.wedding skirts, heavy handwork materials.  Partywares are available here. They customized all designs. Online facilities available. If there is any mistake, they will refund it.

Available materials 


    Heavy handwork party wares are available at Rs 10,000.it is full stone worked materials are available.  You can use it in functions. It has customised and satisfied prices.variety new trend kurti starts at Rs 295. It starts from M to XXL size.different colors are available. It is a high fabric  material.  You can sell it with high profit. 

    Bridal work gown is available at Rs 12,000.It is full heavy hand worked material. It is a four layered gown.we can use it in Christian marriages.They change the white dresses to different  colour codes. They used chanderi fabric material for this purpose. They have 168 color codes. They change viscose fabrics to their favourite  color tones.you can contact them and select color codes. They charged meterwised. It starts at Rs 295 with dying.

    All things are manufactured by them.kurtis are available at Rs 325. Western style georgette kurti available at Rs 425. These kurtis provide  unique feelings.  Highlight georgette print,plain butterfly sleeves collar kurti has Rs 425. Variety onam collections are here. Variety  feeding kurtis are here. Pure cotton feeding Kurtis are here, we can hand wash it. It has Rs 400.you can resell it easily. 

     Georget feeding Kurtis are available.It has pup sleeve bead worked kurtis are available. RS 270 to 750 kurtis are here.side open kurtis are available at Rs 395.onam special silk worked Kurtis are available. Elegant worked cotton slab kurtis are available at Rs 395.All sizes are available. Chiffon items are available. 

    Hand worked soft cotton fabric Kurtis are available at Rs 335. Wrinkle rayon Kurtis available at Rs 440.They include tax with these prices. Handwork georget starts at Rs 395.printed georgette materials are available. Variety cotton kurtis are available. 

Kids frocks

    Variety kids frocks are available.  It has Rs 335.These all are georgette materials. Designer fabric kids frocks are here. Embroidery worked trendiest frocks are here.it has Rs 395. Mamma baby combo design materials are here. It has Rs 325. 


     Different  customised sized materials are here. Full handwork with jacket materials are here. It is heavy material. It has Rs 3500.pearlish finished partywear gowns start at Rs 2000.beaded partywares are available at Rs 2000.Elegant designed partywares available at Rs 2000.

      They have a separate retail unit. All Elegant materials have Rs 599.western items are available at reasonable prices. Different designs of Wrinkle rayon materials are here.variety patterns are available. Unique designed materials are available. There is a separate hand-worked section. Hand worked products start at Rs 395. Different types of onam dresses are available.  

If you want to start a business  you can purchase materials at affordable prices. Wholesale, retail, reselling promotion, customization  available here.

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