High quality eufy cam CCTV camera


        CCTV means Closed Circuit Television.  Most of the people use CCTV for years.picture a camera with a set of wires fed into recording devices and monitors. It helps to identify  false sense of security  and we can take precautions. A lot of CCTVs are installed  in streets . It reduces crime and increases public safety. CCTV can operate  without internet and electricity. You can install CCTV cameras without requiring  approval from authorities. 

     CCTV depends on strategic  placement  of cameras.Older CCTV are small,low resolution,  black and white monitors.  New types of CCTV are colorful,high resolution and include the ability to zoom in image .It allows people to speak  within range of speakers. It helps to provide security  in all areas .You can observe dangerous patients. It is used for traffic monitoring. It is used to provide security  in buildings  and grounds. 

       We can see a good quality  CCTV. It is an uefi security  camera. It works for 365 days a year. It is used on a single charge. It captures images with full HD quality. It is  work with Google assistant help. It does not need to pay monthly fees. The picture of a person in front  of the camera will be instantly notified  on our phone . It is waterproof. It detects all movements and sounds .

      It is an original product. You will get a catalog  with this product. You can operate  it using this catalog. The CCTV camera has 2 LED stickers, a voice detector , heavy magnets.you can replace the stickers. An alarm button and connector are provided on the bottom part. We can use a connector to connect to the camera. We can easily  operate it. 

       Its battery has 365 days life. We can fit it without wire.we can fit the CPU home base easily. It only needs one wire to fit the current  only. We can fit it simply. Fit the holder on the wall.Then fit the camera into the holder. It is a high power magnet camera. We can rotate it easily. It has an application.  It is eufi security. We can see the details  of the camera. 

          We can see very clearly.  We can hear the sounds  without Mike. We can zoom in .It has a large width. We can record it. We can give an alarm. We can speak to it live.we can set the time for recording. We can set it in the shops. We will get a message in the time of any one reaching into the shop. We can see the video through  this application. If anybody touches it, it is alarmed. It has a high resolution  night view. 

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