Hidden cheats at petrol pumps

      Today I would like to inform a very important news for you. Most of us have own vehicles. Petrol prices are rising every day.These price increase is affecting the common man a lot.Today share with you an important information that those should know  who hit  petrol and diesel to their vehicles from these days.

     There are two types of scams that takes place at petrol pumps.we need to check if we are getting  petrol according to the amount we are giving.By law,a petrol pump must be transparent. But it is not found in most pumps. We can’t see the perol. 

      The amount of petrol will decrease due to fraud in the petrol machines. They set codes to get low petrol.  Other one is a sensor connect with needle and machine. They donot place the needle in the machine. 

We can check the correct level of petrol from machine display. We should avoid Rs 100,200, 500,1000, Change the petrol Pumps. Take a distance from machine to the time of hit the petrol  . Don’t allow take the nozzle suddenly. We can use card payments.

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