Health benefits of drinking Tulsi leaves water 

          Tulsi is a plant that is commonly found in all houses.This has many medicinal properties. Today I would like to share with you about the health benefits of Tulsi . Tulsi  is a natural remedy for many diseases . Tulsi is not only a remedy for all diseases but also it has a power to preventing diseases .Often we do not know much about the benefits of Tulsi.  Let’s look at the benefits of drinking boiled water with Tulsi leaves.

          Put some tulsi leaves into a glass. Pou a glass of water into it. it should be soaked in water like this the night before. The next morning after changing the  tulsi leaves, we can drink that water. It has twice the benefits of boiling tulsi leaves. Drinking this water regularly will solve the sum of the health problems that  we have

  •  It  is a good remedy for cold and cough.
  •  It   boosts the body’s immune system.
  •  It protects the body from viral infection
  •  people’s with allergies are advised to drink  this water.
  •  Tulsi leaves are rich in iron.
  •  People with anaemia should drink this water.
  •  Drinking water with Tulsi leaves is a good remedy for diabetes.
  •  It helps in the functioning of the pancreas and ensures proper insulin production.
  • It helps to ease digestion.
  • Tulsi leaves water helps to avoid gas acidity problems.
  •  It maintains the health of the stomach.
  • It is also good for the health of the liver.
  • It helps eliminate toxins from the body.
  •  It helps  to prevent kidney stones.
  •  It also helps to reduce the pain caused by kidney stones.
  •  Drinking Tulsi water daily and eating Tulsi leaves can help to prevent cancer.
  •  Tulsi leaves contain a lot of antioxidants. It destroys cancer cells. 
  • Drinking water with Tulsi leaves  protects the skin.
  • This helps to purify the blood.
  • This helps the skin to have a good glow .
  •  It helps in preventing the disease in the blood. 
  • Tulsi leaves saves health of a heart.
  •  It helps in lowering BP  .
  • Drinking this water also helps to  reduce stress.

             The water we put in a glass the previous day and drink it to the next morning. It has no colour changes. But the water has a good taste of  tulsi. If you have been drinking this water for a while, this will greatly benefit your health. Please share this information to others.

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