Government of Kerala financial assistance of RS 50,000 for patients

               Today I would like to share about providing benefits upto Rs 50,000 which is financially backward in our state (annual income below Rs 3,00,000 ). In a family that moves forward very happily, we know what their condition  is when an illness strikes. This can lead to worsening their family life , family background and the economic conditions .

                  For those suffering from various diseases the Government of Kerala through the department of Health  provides incentives without the difference of APL and BPL ration card. 

        If your annual income is less than Rs 3,00,000  you can apply for it .

Up to Rs 50,000 is given as a one-time assistance for various diseases . You will have a membership in any other health plan of Central or State Government, you may have benefited from it sometimes Society for financial assistance to the poor. Even if you have benefited from another scheme of the state government , you will get an additional amount of upto RS 50,000 from this scheme.

        You  have to send this application form by post . All documents such as currently living conditions ,medical conditions , doctor certificate  etc should be attached and send. If you have any more questions about this ,we should give the helpline number of this society for financial assistance.

          They provide benefits to a variety of ailments. Kidney related diseases like dialysis,liver transplant, bone diseases, stroke, brain surgery ,Bypass surgery ,Sickle Cell anaemia, hip replacement, pacemaker , angioplasty ,cancer ,tumor removal , hysterectomy, knee replacement ,etc such cases will get this benefit . 

          Medical colleges, general hospitals, even Ayurveda hospitals get benefited from this scheme . Applications for such benefits can also be submitted while you are admitted to hospitals.


Doctors medical certificate 

Disease related documents 

ID proof 

application form

 Send this application form with documents by post. They will search for details and send them check by post. There are a lot of people in our state who are unaware of such benefits. Therefor very few people apply for this scheme. There for all applications are judged on the basis of their living conditions and illnesses.

             If the  patient dies before receiving the benefit, the heir of the patient collect the amount on production of a certificate of inheritance from the tahsildar and death certificate of patient. Download the application form through Akshaya centre.


 Member secretary ,
Society for medical assistance to the poor , Health department 
directorate (near General Hospital ) Thiruvananthapuram 

 phone  :- 0471 2519 257 ( 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.) 

           Please share this information to others.

 List of hospitals approved to provide this medical assistance 

Sree Chitra thirunal Institute of Medical Science and Technology ,Thiruvananthapuram 

Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram 

Government Medical College Hospital , Thiruvananthapuram 

Government Medical College Hospital, Alappuzha 

Government Medical College Hospital, Thrissur 

Government Medical College Hospital, Kottayam 

Government Medical College Hospital, Kozhikode 

Government Medical College Hospital, Kalamassery, Kochi

 EMS Memorial Cooperative Hospital Perinthalmanna, Malappuram

 Cooperative Medical College Hospital , pariyaram, Kannur

 Sree avittom thirunal Hospital , Thiruvananthapuram 

Institute of maternal and Child Health Kozhikode 14 ,General Hospital, Ernakulam 

Institute of Child Health ,Kottayam 

Government Medical College Hospital, Idukki 

Government Medical College Hospital , Malappuram 

General Hospital ,Thiruvananthapuram 

General Hospital ,Pathanamthitta 

General Hospital ,Adoor ,Pathanamthitta 

General Hospital, Alappuzha

 General Hospital ,Kottayam 

Panakadu said Muhammad Ali shihab Thangal smaraka General Hospital , Malappuram 

General Hospital,Kozhikode 

 General Hospital , wayanad 

General Hospital,Thalasseri, Kannur 

General Hospital,Kasaragod 

General Hospital Neyyattinkara, Thiruvananthapuram 

District hospital, Peroorkada, Thiruvananthapuram 

District Hospital ,Kollam 

District hospital, kozhencherry ,Pathanamthitta 

District hospital ,Mavelikara ,Alappuzha 

District hospital, Kottayam

 District Hospital, Aluva,Ernakulam

 District Hospital ,Idukki 

District Hospital ,Thrissur 

District Hospital ,Palakkad 

District hospital ,Tirur 

District hospital ,Vadakara ,Kozhikode

 District hospital, Mananthavady ,Wayanad 

District hospital ,Kannur 

District hospital ,Kanjangad , Kasargod 

Ayurveda hospitals for stroke treatment 

Ayurveda Medical College Hospital ,Thiruvananthapuram

 Ayurveda Medical College Hospital , Tripunithura ,Ernakulam

 Ayurveda Medical College Hospital, Kannur 

District Ayurveda Hospital ,Kollam

 District Ayurveda hospital ,Alappuzha 

District Ayurveda hospital, Pathanamthitta 

District Ayurveda hospital, Kottayam

 District ayurveda hospital, Idukki 

District Ayurveda hospital, Ernakulam 

District Ayurveda hospital, Thrissur 

District Ayurveda hospital, Malappuram 

District Ayurveda Hospital ,Palakkad 

District Ayurveda Hospital, Kozhikode 

District Ayurveda hospital, Kannur

District Ayurveda hospital ,Wayanad 

District Ayurveda hospital ,Kasaragod

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