Gold Loan at 3% interest for Pravasi Malayalees 

             The state government today decided to bring together a group of people who had been neglected in the society into the mainstream . With this benefits, Pravasi’s are  getting the most relief. At present ,there is an opportunity to borrow up to RS 50,000 .

       Our state government  has now sanctioned by the Kerala bank for loans of 3 % interest on gold loans. Then there are the Pravasi’s who have already arrived in our country in the time of Covid 19 from the different countries. At the same time, there are Pravasi’s waiting for their return from home. For those who have, this lockdown period has caused a lot of trouble. It was impossible for any country to go and it was impossible to return home. 

       Now the welfare fund as well as the state government,has announced that the scheme will be great relief to their families. The beneficiaries will get the benefit from the 779 Bank branches in Kerala bank.  With lock down time, just because of banks having concession, you can apply for the gold loans as soon as possible. It is unclear what documents should be submitted .

            The distribution through the bank of Kerala.A  Pravasi can borrow Rs 50,000,

loan of gold for this  scheme designed by the state government. 3% interest and the loan is given over a period of four months. This scheme has become one of the biggest aids  for Pravasi through banks. There is no doubt that, this amount will be of great benefit to the Pravasi who are currently in lockdown.

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