Goat farming financial schemes Rs l lakh

          The government has  announced a new scheme for goat farming. Up to Rs 1,00,000 has been declared in the Employment Guarantee scheme without reimbursement for goat farming . During this corona season ,agriculture and other things are being promoted by our government. Rs 1 lakh  is being provided by our government for this project. There is no need to pay back . This assistance is for the goat farming and for building the hive. In our state there are many farmers like this. But they do not know that there is such a plan. In your neighbours , any of goat breeders,  share this with them about this financial aid.


  •  APL and BPL everyone can apply.

                  We will get it after included in the Employment Guarantee scheme under the panchayat . Previously under the central employment guarantee scheme there were similar clean up schemes. Now the government is making good schemes to help self employed farmers. Providing assistance to fish farming and cow farming after the central government or state government is included in the Employment Guarantee scheme .

      Things we need to do to get this benefit . 

  • Go to panchayat office and contact the assistant engineer or overseer of the Employment Guarantee department.
  •  Applications can be submitted.
  •  After being included in the panchayat Employment Guarantee scheme, the sanction will be granted after checking the land we intend to build .
  • As they say , goat farm must be built.
  •  Their don’t pay first .
  • After we have  completed the work, we will submit the GST bill to the panchayat ,we can get money in to our  account in one or two months.

            The size of the cage must be for 4 ½  metre length and 2 ½ metre width. You can build a hive for 10 or 15 sheeps .We can build it with any technology. example: Hitech/ plastic/ metal . The maximum estimate cost  should be up to Rs 1,25,000. We get Rs 1,00,000 free of charge from the government . If our estimated amount RS 50,000 we will get less funding .

     Since this is under the NREGS,  if we have a job card with the workers, when building the cage, we will get 20 days wages. This is very useful project for Goat breeders . You too will get  this benefit. please share this information to others.

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