Gift deed – Importance  of gift deed,eligibility, Importance 


           A settlement  deed is a very important  document. It is an agreement  between relevant parties to settle a dispute. It is legally  binding. Settlement deed is an enforceable document.  It can be settled which has been self acquired. Gift deeds can be given  to any person.  Settlement  deeds are given to family members. Settlement  deeds can be a time and it deals with cost effectively. It can be a highly effective way of resolving .It allows to avoid courtstress.It allows to settle disputes  without attracting publicity, keep the legal issue. 

     It is executed to effectuate the division  of a property. After the death  of the owner,his properties jointly and become a complicated partition, it may cause complications. So registering Settlement  deed is an easy way.

     A gift deed is the giving the ownership  of a property to another person  through a gift deed.It is an agreement, when a person wishes to gift his property to another person. It helps to avoid future  disputes arising from is an instant transfer  of property.  It doesn’t  require  going to court. 

    You can give property  as a gift .It requires  place and date of a requires the information  regarding the donor , complete details  of the property. Gift deeds must be printed  on stamp  paper  after paying  the amount .And only the owner can gift the property. You should mention  the type of property, address,location, area,and structure  of the property. Gift deed requires ID proof,PAN card,aadhar card,and other documents. 

   You should mention there is no exchange of money and it is made solely  out of love and affection and not due to money.


  • Adharam
  • Land tax receipt 
  • ROR receipt
  • ID card
  • Photo
  • Signature 
  • Possession certificate 
  • Location  certificate and map
  • Encumbrance  certificate 

     We can register it before our death . We can  make adharam with the help of a copy of adharam . In case of the property  being gifted to a minor person,his legal guardian should accept it.Mainly the gift deed has two parties.  They are the donor and done. The donor is the person  who gives his property, and the donor is the person to whom the property  is gifted.

     If you want to register  a gift deed , its cost is 0.2%  stamp for family members and 0.1% registration  fees / 5% stamp and 2% registration  fees based on the market  value of the property.  Gift deed property is a valuable  document.  We can sell or mortgage this property. Donors do not cancel the gifted deed. Other children  do not ask questions  about the deed.Father in law can give a gift deed to his  daughter  in law. It is valid forever.Son can gift his property  to his father as a gift deed.

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