Full interior with ferrocement at budget prices – showcase,wardrobes,crockery shelves,kitchen cabinets


       Ferrocement  is a system of construction using reinforced mortar applied over armature of metal mesh or metal fibres and closely spaced steel rods.it is the composite material made with the mortar and light wire steel mesh. It is a highly versatile form of concrete. You should completely cover the metal with a motor otherwise it may be at risk of corrosion. Its strength is determined by the quality of the sand or cement mortar. It is commonly used in strong surfaces and structures. It was developed by an Italian architect and is generally applied to Portland cement and Sand mixture over expanded steel mesh.

Advantages of ferrocement 

  • It can be fabricated into any shape.
  • The construction of ferrocement is very easy and low skill. 
  • Ferrocement is a lightweight  material.
  • It has high durability.
  • It is cost effective material.
  • It is suitable for thin shell structures.
  • Basic raw materials are available everywhere.
  • It is better resistant against earthquakes.
  • It has less shrinkage.
  • It has high tensile strength, rigidity and stiffness.
  • Previous studies show that ferrocement jackets were fire protection materials. 
  • It is a thin wall reinforced concrete. 
  • It is constructed of hydraulic cement mortar reinforced with the closely spaced layers of continuous small wire mesh. it may be made with metallic or other suitable materials.
  • Ferrocements are mainly 3 methods. They are a closed mould system, integrated mould system and armature system. 
  • It has less weight. 
  • There is no need for any form work in ferrocement. 
  • It has low time.
  • The maintenance cost is low.
  • Construction procedure with ferrocement is easy.
  • No skilled labourers are required for the construction. 
  • It has flexural strength, toughness,fatigue resistant, crack resistance. 
  • It has excellent mechanical characteristics. 
  • It is a homogeneous elastic material. Its limits are more comprehensive than concrete. 
  • It saves cement and steel in the construction. 
  • It is used on residential buildings. 
  • It is used for making overhead water tanks for domestic purposes. 
  • These yanks are light weighted and transport it easily. 
  • It is used for making boats.
  • It is used in the manufacturing and maintenance of hole covers.
  • It is used for prefabricated roof systems. 
  • It is used for pressure pipes.
  • It is used for making garden benches,parks.
  • It leads to decrease in the self weight of the structures. 
  • It is suitable for making precast units.we can easily transport it.
  • Its construction is very simple. 
  • Curing and casting are the strengths of it. 

        We can see how to reduce the cost with ferrocement. We can use ferrocement for interior designs. It helps to increase the beauty of our home with low cost material. It is a long lasting material.  You will get a good finish also. We can see a house made with ferrocement. It is in muvattupuzha,ernakulam. 

    Wardrobes,cupboards, kitchen racks,crockery shelves are the expensive interior works in a house.But we can make these with ferrocement. They set wardrobes using ferrocement.After the construction of our house,you can contact them.Then they take the measurements and you can suggest all things about the ward robes. They make the structures of the wardrobes with ferrocement slabs. You can select hanging units,drawers,shelves,etc.We can attach multwood/ plywood/wooden/aluminum profiles,materials as doors  above it. You can select it as your budget.

     You can select niches with ferrocement. They cut the ferrocement boards and stick it to the walls.In this house they make kitchen cupboards, wardrobes,niches,wash basin units,crockery shelves ,upper cabinets  using ferrocement. These all interior works have totally expense Rs 30,000 with installation.

  These materials are used for washbasin table tops. It provides  a good finish. You can provide ferrocement slab decks under the staircases.They provide 4 inch solid block skirting and place ferrocement slabs above it. They used wardrobes in bedrooms. 

     They made kitchen cupboards with ferrocement. It has a smooth surface.  They placed granite slabs above it. Upper cabinets, crockery units are made with ferrocement slabs. It has a life long warranty. It resists fires. It is the strongest material.you can select this material for a budget house.

Ferrocement interior works,

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