Free ration kit for BPL card holders

               It’s a remember for you. Starting on the 27 th, the state government has started distributing free kit for BPL card holders, that is, priority category with the 17 items which are scheduled to be distributed . Currently not everyone gets a day. Distribution is currently decided on a token basis. It  is a condition that is no more five people can be seen at the time of rationing and in the time of lock down, there is a requirement to keep a distance of at least one metre. Follow the rules and make sure you buy. Also keep in mind that the ration shop is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m..

         You are currently buying 5 kg of free  rice from the central government. The kit that was scheduled to be delivered at that time is now being extended. That distribution is now restarting . The Kit has been in the shop for a few days. Now in the time of lockdown ,there are people trapped in many areas. For them after filling the affidavits, with the recommendation of the representative of the concerned local body. We  can submit to the nearest ration shop . From there,the ration Inspectors ,after telling them the details come to their kit . As soon as possible be sure to submit these requests. At each ration shop ,proportionate to the number of members currently in the ration shop free kits have been added.

      At the present, affidavit of  free Food /ration resources from any region of Kerala and from any ration shop as it is an  attainable situation and present affidavit . Then you can come and buy your kit now itself . Purchased on the 21st , last digit of the ration card is zero. Distribution matters are for those who end up ‘1’ on the 28th  and the last’ 2′ on the 29th .

       There will be some people who are not able to go on certain dates in circumstances. They can also talk to the ration merchants and they can go and get a free kit on  the following days . Distribution to BPL card holders from 27th onwards and after that is the distribution for non priority categories of APL cards . Distribution of non APL subsidy card holders  after its distribution of non subsidy card holders.

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