Free ration  5 kg each for those who do not have ration card

            Now in the time of covid-19,I  am here to tell you about a project that the central government has started. It is called the central Athma nirfar bharat scheme. keep Accordingly it is the  central ration scheme to provide 5 kg of rice per each person for the guest workers who have arrived in our country from other states. The benefits have been further enhanced. It has now been decided to distribute those who do not have a ration card in our state. 

       This is in accordance with the order of the director of food Public Distribution in our state . Currently the central government has announced these benefits were announced in May and June. Similarly in our state ,those who do not have a name on other ration card are eligible to this benefit. It is available through ration shops. The affidavit ,Aadhar also needs to be submitted. 

       As for the migrant workers who have come to our state ,most of the people have returned to their home country. So a lot of food grants have been taken over by our state government . For a lot of people who do not have a ration card in this country this is going to be beneficial. Give an  affidavit which show no name on other ration cards. Please share this information to others.

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