Free Kits for white  cards,distribution started.

                   In this time of covid-19, the final distribution of survival kit announced by the state government is starting on May 15 . Distribution for white card has begun at last .At present ,the distribution is started as the last digit of the ration card.  On the 15 th, those who have a card ending in zero can go and buy .We know that there are about 21 lakh card holders . Similarly, if the card holders of any of the categories have to buy the kit ,buy them by the may 20 th.

         People in different districts have to approach their own ration shops to buy the kits. But for those people who can’t afford it ,there is currently a portability system.

For that, the affidavit was submitted on the recommendation of the ward member at the present site and it was submitted to the Taluk Supply office through ration shops. Similarly if you are trapped in another district and cannot buy from  own ration shops ,the last date for filing the affidavit is May 15 . Also keep in mind that,as soon as they submit their affidavits and their kits will arrive on the May 20th.

             Distribution of such people and if have to buy any other category of cards, their distribution will be done by the may 20th. After may 20 ,the priority categories of cards(AAY, BPL) will have 5 kg of rice announced by the central government along with 1 kg of pulses. Therefore, after may 20, the central government has start  its distribution of rice,so it has been informed that the states all benefits should be purchased before may 20th. 

      Distribution begins on the may 15, for those who ends up with the last digit of a ration card zero . The last digit of card 1 and 2 of the card holders, must arrive at the ration shop on May 16th. The last digit of the card, 3,4,5 of the card holders must arrive at the ration shop on May 18th, the last digit of card 6,7,8 of the card holders must arrive at the ration shop on May 19th.The last digit number of  card 9,AAY, BPL categories, if there are people to buy in the APL subsidy category, they should buy by the may 20th.

       Those who have applied for the portability facility and have submitted affidavits,must reach the  ration shops on May 20th. For those stuck in other districts, if they didn’t given affidavits, you can download the affidavit through Akshaya Centres. After filling our affidavit and handing it over to the ration shops we are is now. We will be a decision soon. please share this information to others.

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