Free kits distribution for  state syllabus students 

                The distribution of kits in the state has been started. The kits distributed regardless of the colour of the ration card . Distribution are now being coordinated on the basis of education sub districts in each of the various districts. This benefit  is now available in view of the remaining working days of the academic year 2019 -20.

                          This   benefit is available to students who are currently in the ninth grade. This benefit is now available to our school students as a result of a combination of Central and state government schemes. Students who are studying in the state syllabus will get this benefit. This benefit is available from pre primary section 2 to Class 8. Currently it  has been shifted to a category called UP.

         According to the new education policy, upto 8th grade is considered UP. At present, the state government has set aside around Rs 81 crore for this . The first phase of distribution is now started. It offers free rice and up to 9 items of various condiments included. These are the adults in the house, which should go and buy according to the covid criteria.  These distributions will be from the schools themselves.

                   Let’s see what we get

 pre primary and LP

 Bengal gram    – 500 gram

 Green gram      – 500 gram 

 Split pigeon Peas   – 500 gram 

Pre primary 

Rice      – 1 kg 200 gram 


Rice  – 4 kg


 Bengal gram  – 1 kg

Green gram   – 1 kg

Split pigeon peas   – 1 kg

Rice   – 6 kg

Common items

 Chilli powder    – 100 gram

 Coriander powder   – 100 gram

 Turmeric powder  – 100 gram

 salt     – 1kg 

Atta      – 1kg

 sugar    – 1kg 

         This benefit is available to students who are currently studying in the state syllabus irrespective of the ration card . Government accredited schools also receive this benefit. The next step will be to consider the working days of June and July. Kerala is becoming the first state to implement this scheme. This is one of the biggest benefits to  your children regardless of the colour of the ration card. Please share this information to others.

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