Free kit from Government of Kerala 

               In this time of Covid 19 ,our state government and Central Government have announced various benefits. In the case of this lockdown ,for the ordinary people who have lost their jobs and are unable to work these free food resources from the ration shops in the state and the benefits announced by our state and Central Government will be a great help to them . Currently in terms of cards, when it comes to distributing food, this is one of the biggest help for them at this moment. I would like to point out a few things that still exist in the present situation .

                  For all those belonging to AY,BPL and APL sections, the state government has been offering free rice has been handed over at the back of covid  19 . Subsequently ,priority card holders, BPL card holders have had pity on the part of the central government.

That is on a card per person, you get  5 kg of rice and 1 kg of Pulses. No pulses have arrived yet. 

           Kerala which has many dependencies on other states, has yet to come up with the following pulses. We don’t even know ,when its distribution. The distribution of rice has been started by the central government. Let’s see the free kit. This scheme was announced by the state government. The kit includes 17 items. The kit  comes in close to Rs 1000. That is the state government has decided to distribute the AY,BPL and APL card holders . AY card holders got it. 

      Distribution of rice of Government of India and kit of state government from 22nd April . That is, it was decided to give a BPL card holders. Only then will the blue and white card holders in the general category get the kit. The supply of kits has been extended due to congestion in the ration shops when our state government started distributing Central rice.

     On the part  of the ration merchants, there have been no further  recommendation on extending the kit supply. The state government get involved and the distribution of the Kit was extended . At present, the rice of the central government and the kits of the state government are accumulated in the ration shops . The BPL card holders were to buy the rice at this time, they get kit ,  they would probably have to go to the ration shop one more time and not have more queues. 

      This is a situation ,where people have been buying from the queue for hours and then have to buy from the queue once more. At present ,in this case ,the ration merchants are in great difficulty . The free  kit was delivered from various depo’s as the distribution of the kit would start on the 22nd of this month . The free kit includes many dishes. We are not telling how safe this will be in ration shops . There is no doubt that rats, beetles, other Insects nuisances will all conquer the food grains in this free kit. 

          Getting it into the hands of those who deserve it is sooner is the best option. All we need is  the authorities to take steps to complete the distribution now.

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