A good news is  that brings you happy about 51 lakh people today. In the time of covid 19,free kit  was distributed by the state government through ration shops. As a survival kit, there are currently two priority categories. pink card holders( BPL card),yellow card holders (AYcard) which are now received free kits . And those who have receive the kit, they will be able to receive it sooner. As soon as they can from the ration merchant, tell the appropriate reason and they can get the kits. 

      Not only that, but this time there are people who have given affidavit. At  present all the relevant panchayat levels are coordinating the distribution of the kit. After consolidation on Taluk basis and packing may occur on Panchayat basic. Therefor the card holder kits will be delivered to the mother ration shops . That is why who have taken affidavits,are delaying getting the kit. Especially after a special sanction from the rationing officer, the kits of those people will arrive at the ration shops. Find out of the kit has arrived more recently ,the only two categories available for the kit were the non priority categories of APL card holders.

           There are two variants in the APL .

  • APL subsidy blue card holders.
  • APL  Non subsidy white card holders

               There are ordinary people who do not have ration card . For such people the case of the free kit  is not yet to be decided. In April, at the time of distribution of food, those who had Aadhar Card, had the option of handing over the food supply after being given affidavits. But the free kit, which they will get has not been decided . One of the things that has been said since the survival kit delivery period is that the Kit is distributed to all ration card holders. Based on that,the kit will be distributed to APL card holders. The first kit will be issued to APL subsidy cardholders. That is blue card holders.

         There are about 25 lakh subsidy card holders in the state and coming as far as  that non subsidy card holders in our state . We know there are many ordinary people among them. All of them for one consolation will be provided with this kit . The kit distribution is still underway.  You are already aware of the government officers,volunteers and all of whom are packing that is being served on a Taluk basis. We must not pretend, we have not seen all their efforts. It is getting to us though late.

         It also reminds you the distribution is due after may 8 . Exact dates  have not yet been announced. At our state level, the idea was to buy the kit through supplyco . Then there was a calculation that they would come to supplyco to buy the kit and they would buy  the kit with all the other essentials. At present ,such matters are not yet to be decided. The distribution of the kit will be done through ration shops. Please share this information to others.

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