Free kit  distribution for APL card holders

          The third phase of our free kit  distribution is just getting started . It is a scheme that has come up with a ray of hope among a lot of people who are currently hopeless . You will also get a free kit containing 17 items . Just like  with the priority categories, you can get all the items in it . Some suggestions for buying this kit.Not everyone has the same day delivery. Distribution is done using specific criterias. Free kit is now being issued to non priority card holders (APL card ) subsidy and non subsidy card holders as a  result of a long wait.

      Free kit distribution for blue card holders who are APL subsidy card holders starting at may 8. For non subsidy card holders( white cards) free kits  distribution will begin after may 15. This is a survival kit consists of 17 items.This is the greatest golden opportunity, not to be wasted . For those who are financially secure ,you can donate the kit via SMS system or through the official website of civil supplies. That Kits will reach out to many others who deserve it. 

        A lot of people who need to be considered in to priority categories ,still have  the non priority categories ,the APL cards. For all of them, this kit will be a great relief. Not only that, but many other benefits have been announced this month. There was a method in last month, giving affidavit  and having over free rations. In the time of covid-19 ,its distribution was a major benefit. It is currently being avoided. For those without a ration card this month, it was known that they would not get any such benefits. Then you can go to the ration shops from may 8 to buy the kit.

           On may 8 ,those who the last number of ration card  is zero, have the opportunity to buy the kit. On May 9 th, last digit of the ration card will be available for those who come in ‘one’ . After that may 11 will be distributed.

      On may 11 ,the last digit of the card will be for those who end up in 2 and 3  digits. On may 12 th, the last digit of the card is for those who end up with 4 and 5. On May 13th ,the last digit of the card  is for those who end up with 6 and 7 . On May 14th, the last digit of the card is for those end up with 8 and 9. 

             The current distribution is for  blue card holders . On May 15, the white card holders will be distributed. We will be notified about its distribution . This is a distribution that  is a part of the biggest concern for the 25 million subsidy card holders as well as non subsidy card holders. The distribution is based on the last digit of the ration card. Be sure to go and buy the kit in those days. please share this information to others.

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