Free gas stove for BPL Ration card holders | if there is no cash in the ATM a fine of Rs 10,000


     Today I would like to inform you about new information in our Kerala state. The number of WIPR calculations placed every Wednesday in our state is changing. Areas with WIPR above 8% will now be in a triple lock down. WIPR  means weekly infection population ratio. Our chief minister in formed in the covid review meeting, complete lockdown will be implemented in regions where the WIPR is above 8 %.

      266 wards in our  state were included in this category. He informed that no public observation of the festival will be permitted during Onam. Restrictions should be in the beaches.  Only the ones with the licence will be  allowed to street sell.

      Some peoples who have not received the vaccine Due to certain diseases. They are permitted to go to shop if there is no one else who can do so in their family. They should be given special consideration to provide home delivery service.

     The distribution of vaccines to various hospitals must be decided beforehand and must make necessary arrangements to provide vaccines.

      BPL Ration card members will  get free gas connection and free stove. Now you can apply for this benefit. This scheme is called ujjwala yojana. If the 2nd distribution is started.14.2 kg weight gas cylinders get Rs 1600. 

       Pressure regulator,index installation, first LPG refilling,card with this. SC,STpeoples involved in Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and AAY, can apply for this benefit. After 18 yrs you can apply. Adhar, bank account,are the documents. You can apply online or gas agency

       If there is no cash at the ATM ,the bank  will have to pay a fine of Rs 10,000. The law will come into effect from October.

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