Free gas cylinders until September 30 from PMUY Scheme 

            In the time of this covid-19, the central government has again extended the scheme of providing free gas cylinders to domestic beneficiaries all over India. The gas cylinder can be refilled for free till September.  

                 In the time of covid-19, the central government has devised a number of schemes that are beneficial to the common peoples. Most important of all the women who had the jan dhan  account had a scheme of paying Rs 500 per month totally Rs 1500 to their account. That project is currently over.

       There was a scheme called Garib Kalyan anna Yojana which provides free food distribution . Under the Garib Kalyan anna  Yojana AAY,BPL card holders received 5 kg of rice and one kg of peas each. That scheme has been extended to November . Similarly ordinary members of the Ujjwal Yojana scheme were  given free gas cylinder refill for 3 months. This will be only benefit PMUY beneficiaries . 

      There are over 28 lakh beneficiaries under Ujjwal  Yojana scheme in our state. Currently , this scheme runs from April to June. Now the scheme has been extended to September . There for under this scheme, gas cylinders can be refilled freely till September.

      Only ration card holders below the poverty line can join  this Ujjwal Yojana scheme. They should be no current cooking gas connection. This  benefit is available to those who are currently beneficiaries of the ujjwal Yojana scheme. This benefit is available in three installments . You need to refill the gas with the amount that comes into account each month.

      But according to the central government, most of the beneficiaries did not refill the gas and that was found to be in the accounts. That is why it is allowed until September to refill the gas. Try to achieve these benefits as soon as possible. The central government had passed a new law under this  scheme for those who have not reached their accounts for 3 months benefits from april. It is a system where the amount is refunded after we have paid and refill the gas cylinder. Please share this information to others.

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