Free gas cylinder for 3 months 

             As we  know, the central government has allocated Rs 1.7 lakh crore for the Garib Kalyan Yojana scheme for 3 months. This is a specially designed project on the time of current covid-19. Those who have Jan Dhan account ,will be get this benefit of women account holders. In addition, they have been offering a free gas cylinder for 3 months. Then you all thought if lot of people would benefit from this scheme. Then the supply of this free gas cylinder and at the same time, there is a application form to apply for new eligible applicants. This is a situation for the application form cannot be downloaded from the central government site because all servers are busy.

             Find out which agencies in your district are involved with this and check it out . You can get gas from various companies like Indian Oil ,Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum. You can check through the links to which authorised agencies are distributing it. Now you can get all these as PDF files .There are many people who have BPL cards as well as who are members of the PM Ujjwala Yojana, get gas cylinder  free for 3 months.  

               It is thought to have over 28 lakh beneficiaries in Kerala itself . In addition 98 % of people are still working in this plan. Only 2% of those who did not refill the gas cylinder. This project in Kerala is not a big success because the state government did not give great importance to this project . There was little hesitation in joining more people to the scheme and explaining the advantages of this project .

               As a consequence, there are very few beneficiaries in our state now . By 2019, there are more than 8 crore beneficiaries nationwide to the scheme . The free gas cylinder for 3 months is now available to eligible/ surviving beneficiaries.

            The money for the purchase of gas cylinder is received through their Jan dhan account. There was a need to submit documents at the time of joining this scheme . So the central government has recommended the jan Dhan account . Because Jan Dhan account is a central government scheme .Women who have a Jan Dhan account ,now get Rs 500 each for 3 months.

       According to the most recent data, the amount of gas cylinder purchases has begun to reach our accounts. It will be available in three installment for three months. We can withdraw the amount and buy the gas cylinder at anytime. This benefit is currently available only to beneficiaries.

      In the time of covid19, new applications are not being received by agencies. Only then there will be a move. You don’t need to look for any of its forms. If  you go directly to the Agencies, they will give otherwise download it. Take the printout and fill it. You can select the company .


  •  Address proof
  •  age proof 
  • Aadhar card
  •  bank account details 
  • passport size photo 
  • ration card copy

 fill out the form and submit the documents to the agency.

        Priority is given to BPL card holders / AYY card holders, who do not have gas connection and wish to make a connection. Only then will the central government wants to  issue APL card holders. As part of this scheme,steps have also been taken to distribute to the tenants and those who do not have a ration card . No further details has been taken in our state. Soon it was decided that a decision would be made

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