Free energy water pump 


electricity is a form of energy. We used to power electrical devices electricity Surround us we use with thousands of different ways . Now a days electrical devices are rapidly developed to make day to day work being easier and faster.It is impossible to think without electricity.We use free energy water pump to fill the water without electricity.The ram pump invented by frenchman Joseph Michel montgolfier ,racing water in his paper mill. 

How to make free energy water pump for Ram pump


  • PVC pipe 
  • connector 
  • valve
  •  check valve 2
  •  airtight bottle


  •  cut the PVC pipe 1 inches size We needed. 
  • Connect to the pipe 
  • connect check valve to the connector and the pipe
  • The arrow  of the check valve should be downward.
  •  Connect the next check valve to the connector.
  •  Connect to the pipe. 
  • Arrow should be upward connected the pipe.
  •  Connect the valve to control the pipes.
  • The bottle connected to the pipe using gum .The ram pump is connect  to the inner pipe and press the check valve.The RAM pump is ready 

Advantages of Ram pump

  •  Ram pump can operate continuously for entire Month at a time.
  •  Ram pump can operate with two check valves.
  •  There is no need of costly Motors
  • pump water without electricity .
  • it is success  for using agricultural field.


  •  70 percentage of water floss out the the waste valve

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