Free benefit from Mathru Jyoti scheme RS 48,000 

          The mathru jyothi scheme   is one of the many benefits are administered by the department of Social Justice in our state. The mathru jyothi scheme has now been redesigned  by our state government . Shailaja teacher was present at a news conference and the details of this were brought to our attention. In this scheme Rs 48,000 with the help from the government .

       The government has allocated Rs 12 lakh for the smooth running of this scheme. This benefit is available to mothers  with visual impairment. Mothers can help cover the benefit period from child birth to their two years old. This is a huge benefit for the children too. The mother’s receive Rs 2,000 each for two years.

           They get Rs 48,000 from the state government . Applications should be made three months before conception. In that case, you get the full benefit. If applying after 3 months and between one year, the child will be eligible for this benefit till the age of 2 years. Only those with the income limits below 1 lakh are  eligible to apply. Over 40% of people with visual impairments can apply.

              Must submit  visual certificates  related to vision. Similarly to submit the discharge certificate. Bank account details should be submitted . This benefit came only after the issuance of all such  certificates. This benefit has been extended to those who previously had vision impairments ,but has now expanded. It also includes women who have difficulty looking their children. The safe future of children is included. The income certificate should be submitted . There is a preference if it is a  BPL card. Please share this information to others.

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