Free air ticket from Gulf to Kerala-Norka

                    Norka will provide free air tickets to the power amnesty Seekers in an arrangement with various Malayalee association operating in UAE. Some leading organisation agreed to sponsor tickets

                  Norka roots hasroots HD a  scheme named Swapna saphalyam  provide free air tickets to Keralites  without money to return home after completing their jail term . Those who cannot land for a long time will be given preference.

                     A committee under the chairmanship of anzar Chirayinkeezhu, Abu Dhabi Malayalee samajam president ,otherassociation  will identify the beneficiaries. 

The name should be registered on the website of norka by themselves or relatives. The faculty would be ready at the website. 

                There is a dream of ‘dream dream’ For those who have been jailed in the Gulf region. They have no money. The dream dream  giving them flight ticke.t Kerala residing abroad and have not returned home more than 5 years may apply for free ticket

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