For women ,Central assistance of Rs 1500 

                     Today we will tell about  one of the happiest things . The Prime Minister opened Jan Dhan account has been set up to ensure that the central benefits as well as the subsidy amount are to be credited very quickly across the country at the insistence that at least one family has a bank account. This is a zero balance account . There is no need to maintain a minimum balance in this account. 

         It is also the only bank account to offer accident Insurance of 1 lakh and  personal Insurance of Rs 30,000. It also comes with a rupay bank debit card just like  regular savings bank account holders. It was stated that the deposit of Rs 1,500 each would be made in 3 installments to the  account of the women who have the jan Dhan account . The first installment of that came into accounts. Distribution of the second installment is about to begin . Starting Monday May 4, the amount will be credited to the accounts .

        Not only that ,but for those who have a BPL card, you are reminded that for those who are currently members of Ujwala Yojana ,a free gas connection scheme, the purchase of gas cylinders for a period of 3 months will also add up to bank accounts. From the phone linked to the bank, utilise the missed call service to know the bank balance . From tomorrow ,you can check whether the amount has been credited to your account. This benefit is available to the holders of the jan dhan account. For those who want to join,Jan Dhan bank accounts can be opened after lockdown.

             At present, the beneficiaries will be Jan Dhan bank account holders with over 38 crore in benefits . Newcomers will also receive accident insurance and personal insurance . After making sure that there is one, try adding to the jan Dhan bank account . According to latest available data from restrictions have been placed on withdrawal of funds in the hope that there will be a queue for people to come into the bank account from Monday, sometimes to go straight to the bank and withdraw the amount . For debit card or ATM card holders, it is possible to go to ATM counters, withdraw the amount, by following all the security guidelines. Otherwise based on the last number of the bank account ,there is a mechanism to reach the bank  to withdraw the amount.

        Accounts that  currently close  to the banks last digit of zero or one, can be withdrawn on May 4. Distribution will be held on May 5, for those who end up with  two or three account numbers. Distribution is for those who end up with four or five digits, May 6 and those who ended with 6 or 7 digits, on May 8,the  last digits on the bank account number 8 or 9 will be issued on may 11. After may 11, at your convenience you can go to the bank and withdraw the money any day. You can withdraw money at any time through ATM counters.

       If you do not withdraw money from your account, that amount will not be lost . Share this things with others. There are many people who are unaware of this money supply .

Accounts opened for benefits of the people of Kerala,  as a zero balance account for small benefits,employment guarantee scheme . For students, the account has been opened for learning purposes and scholarships. All such women will get this benefit. This is for the benefit of students  also.

        The second installment is Rs 500. Now you have a total credit of Rs 1,000 in your account. The remaining Rs 500 will be credited in the third installment. A person can get Rs 1500 stated by the central government.à

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