Food coupon instead of free kit

        We all are know the hundred days  karma program is on the way. So free kits will be distributed for the next four months. Civil supplies Association officials had submitted a petition to the government seeking a replacement coupon instead of  food kits.

           In order to provide free kits,the food items are required for this have to reach our state from different states. Kits are still being  distributed for onam.That is why the civil supply officers submitted such a petition to the government. Bringing coupons instead of free kits can save  Rs 16 to 20 crore on distribution.

              If free kits are provided  a lot of things need to be coordinated regarding its distribution and packaging. There is no such things as a food coupon. We can also purchase items through our nearest Maveli stores and receive discounts through this coupon.

        Delivery delays are eliminated for delivering this coupon.This coupon is giving  instead of free kit food items provided by the government. 

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