Flour mill business ,daily earn Rs 1500

           Today we are going to introduce to a small milling business that can be started with Rs 20,000.  With this business, you can easily earn above Rs 1500 per day . The starting cost of this business is its  machinery. The machine is priced at under Rs 9,000. In addition you can start this business by spending an additional Rs 5,000 on vending machines and sealing machines. There are many people doing this business right now .That is the profit of it. Now let’s see how to make a profit from it. 

        Example, 1 kg of chili powder costs over Rs 80,assuming that Rs 100,

         chilli powder    – 100

     packing charge   – 1 

   current charge     – 2.50 

           marketing     – 1.50

     Total cost            – 105

       To buy this kind of 1kg Chilli from the market ,its cost a minimum of Rs 150 .The difference between the two is Rs 75. That means  selling 10 kg of chilli powder will yield a profit of Rs 750. Coriander powder, turmeric powder may also be sold. If so you can easily make it at a very low price, just over Rs 1500 for a day.

     This target is difficult to achieve because it is a competition area.  With quality powder and a small discount, we can slowly get into the market. If you go ahead and target  the inner shops, you can make a big profit in the beginning. This can be carried forward as a side business. On holidays, you can carry out a grinding operations and for packing up  with your family members can go ahead.

         Its investment comes to less than Rs 20,000 .The main machinery grinder is available on Amazon. Its  price is below 9000.vending machines and sealing machines can be purchased at websites like Indiamart at  very low prices. Another cost for the packing cover. The packing cover is easily available on websites like Indiamart at  50 Paisa. This machine can grind up to 12 KG per hour. This is a great idea for those who want a business at a minimal cost.please share this information to others. 

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