Find the lost Android mobile phone 

Are you worried about your low cost smartphone? Most Android mobile phones now come with find my device built in. you can download an app find my device app from Google Play Store. This will automatically track you mobile location you can ring your mobile if it is near by and you need a hind/lock your phone if you hear it have been stolen. You must set up your mobile to be found before it goes missing. 

              you have just need the same email address and one another device. If you have just to open Chrome browser and need to sign in with same email ID. Search find my device. you can see exact location.

                 if you lost your phone,  these tips help to find it and protect your information. Take actions to help you recover it and keep your all information are safe. 


  •  Go to /find 
  • if your lost  phone has more than user profile,  sign in with a Google account.
  •  The Lost Phone get information. on the map you will get information about where the phone first click enable lock and erase ring phone at full volume lock your phone with pin delete all data

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