Financial support to all labourers 

                      On the time of covid 19 ,our state government has now formulated a package of Rs 20,000 . As a part of this ,the distribution of various social security pensions and welfare pensions are  nearing completion. There are about 16 welfare funds in our state . For people, who have already members of the welfare schemes, it is the time for them to benefit. Now they are getting Rs  thousand as a special financing to their account.

        If the motor workers Welfare, there are related applications forms fill it and send it by email. Application for the other welfare fund can also be received via Email.  Different types of welfare funds receive applications in different ways.

             In some welfare funds, the beneficiary half the credit to the account without even needing to apply. Most welfare funds Have receiving the application for payment until April 30 to apply. Applying by email ,not  direct submission.

             Any member of the welfare fund will have a welfare fund card ,that shows the membership in the welfare fund .

Documents required for membership in all welfare fund schemes,

  •  Welfare fund card
  •  Receipt of payment of gratitude.
  •  Aadhar card
  •  Bank account details 
  • Phone number

          Applications should be sent to the district welfare fund boards or state level boards . The state government has now decided to give a sum of Rs 1000 to all the existing labor welfare fund members.

                  At present ,workers in the state who are not members of the welfare fund are associated with local bodies. There will be a move through our were representatives. The state government has not yet released the related application forms.

          They are not been anything about it  yet told how to apply and what documents to submit. Also the list of impoverished persons who do not receive welfare pension  and social security pensions. Our state government has now decided to distribute Rs 1000 each to them.

        If  Rs 1000 each through various welfare funds ,it has been decided to distribute the amount  to around 6 ½ lakh agricultural laborers in Kerala.

          Rs 1,000 is distributed to around 536000 members ,who have a membership in the sewing workers Welfare fund. 

           Around 1,25000 people have assistance  Rs 1000 from the unorganised workers Welfare fund board. About 107500 workers belong to the cashew workers board  steps have been taken to distribute Rs 1000 each. 

                The currently announced benefit is available to more than 3600 workers,working  in currently closed factories, for the 16200 workers,who worked in small plantations, for the workers more than 65000 who work in large plantation.

                   50,000 lottery workers will get the benefit .

         35,000 heavy duty workers are getting free assistance Rs 1000 .

         1,30000 people in the coir workers Welfare fund board will get this benefit.

            15,000 people on the jewellery workers Welfare fund board are now getting the benefit . Steps have been taken to distribute the amount to the members of the motor workers Welfare fund board.

                   More than 90,000 people who were  members of the eeta and talassa labour welfare fund board are eligible for free assistance of Rs 1000.

         It has been decided to distribute the amount to workers who are not members of the welfare fund . The related orders shall be notified by the respective local bodies. We will get the application form for that and other things. It is managed by various departments in various welfare fund. Therefore ,when we send the email ,we will send it to different addresses.

        This is the time, when Akshay / janaseva centres  are closed. We may prepare our applications in white paper or download the application form and send it along with other documents by email.

At present, it is decided to distribute the amount to all the workers in our state . Specific criteria will be available for those who are not members /members of the welfare fund , it will  through local government . we cannot throw away Rs 1000 at this time.

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