Financial assistance received by the children of women heads of households

        There are women in our country who work hard for their families. They will have to take care of all the family responsibilities themselves. Today I would like  to share with you a scheme implemented by the department of women and child welfare for such people. Their children get a financial assistance.Applications are invited for this benefit.

        This benefit gets through anganwadis. We will get application form from the anganwadi.Woman who have to take on the responsibilities of a family abandoned by their husbands, will benefit from this scheme.

      Women who have been missing for more than a year are also entitled to this benefit.Children of women who are mothers but not through legal marriage. Children of HIV positive people.

          This benefit is also available to women who are legally divorced.Wives of husbands with disabilities like damage to the spine, paralysis can also apply.The amount will be credited to the joint account of the mother and children.


  • Divource certificate
  • Copy of bank passbook
  • Application form


  • For women with priority card (BPL)

Last date of submission  :- 15/11/2020

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