Fed oriented Pravasi insurance scheme

        I have to in front of you to inform you as a matter of benefit to the NRI.The expatriates are the most struggling group in  this time of Corona.I would like to share with you about a cost-effective and comprehensive insurance policy . There is no need to pay a large  premium on insurance. Pravasi’s will get a policy for one year if they pay only Rs 260. It is run by Federal bank and Oriental Insurance company. Name of this policy is Fed  Oriental privacy policy .

Age limit

 18 to 60 years 


  • Pravasi
  • Must have a federal bank account .
  • Account holders must have an internet  facility. 


  • Those who work overseas will be entitled to Rs 10 lakh in case of death by accident.
  • In case of permanent disability ,you will get Rs 10 lakh.
  • In the event of an accident or sickness that makes it impossible to work and the employer has to terminate the worker, worker is entitled to a one way ticket .
  • One way ticket to go home should be provided by the company. But if this worker needs some help. Based on the medical certificate, he or she is entitled to take an assistant and get a two way ticket to the assistant.
  • In case of sickness or any injury due to accident, insurance company will provide up to Rs 75,000 for treatment in a  hospital abroad .
  • It will be available in reimbursement basis.
  • It must submit its  hospital codes and other original documents. Similarly in the event of a loss of employment due to illness or in any legal dispute with the employer, the assistance of attorneys and court costs  may be obtained up to Rs 30,000 to provide legal assistance.
  •  In the case of an expatriate who has died or has  permanently disabled due to an accident, even his spouse is hospitalized for any illness,  get up to RS 50,000. These are the benefits for expatriates.
  •  If  it is an expatriate female worker, nurse, medical attendant etc can get Rs 25,000 for delivery . For two delivery ,this benefit is available. 
  •  We can renew this policy  again after a year .
  • Due to Corona,many people have lost their jobs a lot of people are in treatment this is one of the most useful insurance in such cases how to join getting internet access online it on the Federal Bank official Linga enter the username and password open up the customer service link will be on the left side of that page click the customer service link you will see new service in it you will see a list of services in new service failed the Oriental Insurance Scheme for NRI Rs 260 return there you are account will be displayed there by default click that account number you will get a confirmation message you we will get the benefit of this policy am on the latter the policy document will be sent to your email a month later it does not health checkup please share this information to other

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