Farmers with the ration card can get up to Rs 12,000  a year

              Today I would like to share with you one of the biggest benefits that farmers do not have returned to pay. The Kisan Samman Nidhi is given benefit to the common man is Rs 2,000 . Generally you get RS 6,000 a year. There are also individuals who get up to RS 12,000 from a ration card within a year. 

           The Kisan Samman Nidhi benefits are now available at Rs 2,000 each. It is said to get a  ration card of Rs 4,000 each. Rs 4,000 is not received by a beneficiary. People who get Rs 2000 now are  not getting Rs 4,000 . Such a benefit is available if there is more than one family in a ration card .

             At present, there are a lot of family homes in our state. Similarly there will be people living in different houses without reducing their names from the ration card. If the farm land is different for both applicants, then two persons are eligible to apply. The central government has said that the family consists of father, mother and children . Similarly if another family is involved in the ration card ,they can apply if they have another farm.

        In that case, two families with a  ration card will get Rs 2,000 each. It also requires the receipt of tax paid  in 2018-2019 years . All the components that the farm cannot be sold later is false. The news that this land will be registered to the data bank is also a false news . We can sell land when we like. The helpline number is at the end of the Kisan Samman Nidhi application form. You can call and enquire about things. Nearly 3 million people now get this benefit from the central government . There are over 1 crore beneficiaries in other states. Even those with the smallest farmland can apply for this benefit . The maximum area is 4 acres and 94 cents (2 hectare )This is very helpful to farmers . Please share this information to other

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