Farmers in Kerala get pension of Rs 5000 per month

    The central and state governments have given us many benefits in the time of this covid-19. All of the benefits were very beneficial to us ordinary people. Government benefits have always been of great benefit to each of us ordinary people who are losing our livelihoods. That is why todayI would like to share with you another benefit that will benefit the common men.

     Under this scheme we will get a monthly pension of upto Rs 5000. This pension is called farmers welfare fund pension. Applications for this scheme will be accepted very soon. This is our state government scheme.

      Education, marriage and health expenses ,insurance are also included in this scheme. This is the first time in our country that a state has introduced such a benefit for the Welfare of farmers.

        All farmers  in Kerala covered under this scheme. Offices under this scheme have already started functioning in Thrissur. Farmers can submit applications through the welfare fund offices and online.

Age limit

18  – 55 years

              The dividend is payable for 5 years without interruption. Minimum monthly amount is Rs 100. When we paid Rs hundred, the state government pays the fproportionate amount. Women  can also get a marriage assistance


  • They must have not less than five cents and not more than 15 acres of land
  • All type of farmers can become members(gardening,bees,rabbit,livestock care)

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