Farmer welfare scheme in our state which has many benefits

       I would like to share with you a bill that has been passed only for our state of Kerala. This is a farmers welfare fund after the Kisan Samman fund. All the farmers in Kerala will get the benefit of this farmers welfare fund. 

        We can available various benefits from this farmers welfare fund. This benefit  is available to those who own 5 cents to 15 acres of agricultural land. There are about 8 types of benefits available.

             It was passed in the Assembly on November 21 ,2019 Those who have worked in the agricultural sector for  3 years are eligible for this benefit. 

        Those who have own agricultural land and those who have cultivated on lease are considered. This included medicinal plants ,animal husbandry ,nursery and fish farming.

       As the age of 60, the pension amount will reach our hands. If they are woman farmers , they provide assistance for their children. People between the ages of 18 and 55 can become members of this scheme. The registration fee is Rs.100. You have to pay a small share. The state government will also pay an equal amount for the welfare fund of these farmers.

It provides educational assistance for the further education of the children of farmers. Marriage financial assistance is also available. In case of accidental death of any member of the farming family ,assistance is available.

We as members of this scheme get a lot of benefits. This is the first time in our country that a state is implementing such a scheme. Farmers also get Rs 3,000 through Kisan mandhan Yojana. It is unknown at this time ,how much  amount get as pension.

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