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Fancy LED lights are very suitable for use in the home ,offices and other indoor places. These lights are very attractive. You can use these lights for a variety of occasions. You can create an ultimate cinematic synced lighting experience using these lights. LED lights produce light up to 90 percent more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs. LED strip fancy lights can be easily cut to size to fit perfectly under pieces of furniture.

It helps to see lighting that has been expensively custom made. LED lights are more efficient, versatile and last longer. LED strips are not simple like traditional incandescent light bulbs. LED lights have extended lifespan. It lasts for 100,000 hours. Different types of fancy LED lights are available in the market. LED lights help to save money and they have no UV emissions. They are environmentally friendly lights. No energy wasted as heat in this light .you can select from warm, cool or daylight versions .It is focused mainly on directional light. It has a good quality of light.

Electrical appliances that consume electricity at a voltage greater than extra low voltage and electricity is converted into heat ,motion or another form of energy is changed in its electrical character. We can see a place where we get fancy LED lights at an affordable price. Their collection of lights are at a reasonable decoration light price. You can select a wide range of decorative lights for your home from here. Fancy lights Wall lamps are available here.

An integral part of a very well designed house is curated decorative LED lights for home. Decorative lights are different types : pendant lights, ceiling lights, hanging lights etc. Decorative Lights play an important role in modifying the interior of your home. It helps enhance your home and adds perfect light to it. You can add some fairy lights ,candles, tea lights and other festival lights that will liven up your home.

We can see a place where we get LED fancy lights that are available at an affordable price.It is in Everest agencies,wholesale light electrical shop,ernakulam. These LED lights consume very less energy. You will get a lot of offers.It is a fancy light showroom.It has 4500 square feet. There are blacktop fittings, golden finish fittings, LED white lights,antique types, contemporary types,ceiling lights, and wall lights are available here. Ceramic wall lights, antique designs,stars,flowers,floral design LEDlights ,glass designs,are available here.

They provide 35 to 45% offer to these products. Switches,ceiling fans are also available here.All wiring accessories are available here.

Metal lights

These models have reflective starts from Rs 900 to 1200.It has 45% discount. We can use candle light bulbs to it.spiral holders are used.It provides a pleasant atmosphere. Variety designs are available. Metal hanging lights are also available. Color changing designs are here.3 variant colors are available. Warm light,amber (yellowish color) and white color.we can use these lights in balconies. We can change the colors. It starts from Rs 3000.variety artistic designed lights are available.

Tube lights

Havels 20 watts tube lights are available here.It has Rs 205 including tax. Branded tube lights are available. 1 feet tube lights have Rs 220. warm, normal colours are available. Industrial use designed tube lights are available. It has Rs 300+200.

Wall lights

Variety designed wall lights are available here.

Ceiling lights

Without trim ceiling lights are available here.we can attach it anywhere.

Spot lights

Different types of spotlights are available here. Different colors are available. Warm, white colors are available. Striker LED available increases the beauty of our house. It has a variety of attractive products.

Golden wall lamps

These lamps have an elegant starts from Rs 1000 to 1300.Different designs are available. It provides royal looks.

Hanging lamps

Different types of hanging lamps are available. We can use it in the dining room,kitchen, living areas,stair halls,etc. It starts from Rs 10,000 to 12,000.

LED wall lights

We can use these lights in bedrooms. It starts from Rs 900 to 2000. It consumes less energy. Glass with LED Integrated lights are available. We can change the colors. 3 variant colors are available. Different designs are available. LED large hanging lights are available. It has Rs 11,000. Color changes are available. You will get discounts also.

Antiq designs lights

Various ethnic antiq designed lights are available. These lights are royal finished lights. A large collection is available. Crystallized worked lamp shaped lights are available. Antique hanging lights are available.

LED strips

We can use it outdoors also.These strips can be connected 50 metres in one drive.we can design LED flexible is safe and we can design your bedrooms, gates with these strips. It costs Rs 110/ meter.we can connect different colours. They provide lasts longer. They provide a 2 year warranty.

Outdoor wall lights

Varieties of outdoor wall lights are available. It is safe in the summer and rainy starts from Rs side, two side, 4 side, 6 sides ,chaser lights are available. We can fit in to the outdoor walls.we will get a 45% discount. Double light has Rs 700. Dewton brand provides 2 years replacement warranty. It is weather proof material.

Point lights

Varieties of point lights are available. We can use it in bathrooms, photos,washbasin areas.These lights are flexible. We can change the position. It has a changing color facility.

Premium hanging lights

Variety model Crystal hanging lights are available. It has Rs 50,000.we can use it in double height areas, churches, auditorium, etc.beautiful designs are available.

Gate lights

Different gate lights are available. It starts from Rs 1500 to 2000.Metal designed gate lights are available.

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