Face masks at Rs 1 – wholesale and retail  in kerala


        Face masks help to slow the spread of the coronavirus .We can prevent coronavirus with frequent hand washing,use masks,vaccination  ,and physical  distancing . Wear masks indoors and outdoors  in crowded areas.Non surgical N 95 masks give most protection. KN 95 ,medical masks provide the highest level of protection.

      Medical masks are loose disposable masks. They are protected from contact with droplets that may contain  germs. KN 95 masks offer more protection than medical masks .N95 masks offer the highest level of protection. Non surgical N 95 can be used by the general  public.cloth masks used to trap respiratory droplets are released when wearer  talks.most effective cloth masks are multiple layers  of tightly fabric like cotton. 

      Masks with several layers provide more protection. Some people wear medical  masks under cloth masks. Don’t use another mask with KN 95 or N 95. Wash your hands before and  after wearing  masks. Always place your mask over the mouth, nose and chin. Don’t touch the mask while wearing  it. Remove the masks by lifting the ear loops without touching the front side. Wash hands after removing the mask.

     We can see a place where we get masks at low prices. It is in Thiruvilwamala. They provide masks to all districts  in kerala. It is a wholesale shop of masks. We will get different  models of N 95 masks.It has Rs 4,6 layer mask has Rs 6,economy  5 layer mask has Rs 5,med step mask 6 layer has Rs 5.50.

       Dweej N95 face masks are also available  here. Thesechead loop masks has Rs 10.50.we can buy retail and wholesale masks from here. LAL masks has Rs 6.25. All types of masks with different  colors are available. Check masks are available  at Rs 3.10.

         Surgical masks has Rs 1.surgical box type masks are available  here. Kids masks has Rs 6.75.safe shield mask has Rs 6.50. Surgical box has Rs70 . It has 50 pieces of masks. Cotton masks are available.  These has Rs 15. These are washable materials. All collections  of masks are available. We can buy bulks and retail.  They sent through courier. Sanitizer items are available  at Rs 16.

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