Expect  financial  assistance from the central and state government to defend covid 19

  The Expectations for our benefits are not over yet. During this covid most of us are  at home. It is a time when the livelihood of most of us has come to a standstill. During the floods of last year we could have come down to the community together and helped them. But it is a situation where we can not go down to society now.

                 It is a situation where people under the age of 10 year and those over the age of 65 are unable to enter the community. For most people losing  their job is a situation. Those who work in government, semi government, Cooperative and other public sector undertakings go without much trouble at this time. They receive a salary based on the rules and regulations laid down for them by the government.

   It is a  time of starvation  for those who go down to work in the community those who sell household goods, those who work on a daily wage basis,  those who work in the construction and Handloom sector and farmers. This is a situation where their livelihood has stopped. We can expect another lock down at any time. People have a prayer that any  small financial package will reach a family directly. Reaching a family of at least Rs 5,000 is the most beneficial to them.

                   The central and state governments had given several packages in the time of this covid-19. In the early covid 19,  the central government launched a scheme called Garib Kalyan anna Yojana. It was a Rs 1.70 lakh crore project. 

         To the account of the women who had Jan Dhan bank account, Rs 500 was paid for three months. Members of the Ujjwala Yojana scheme were given free of cost to purchase a gas cylinder for 3 months. They benefited in many ways as the money was transferred to the bank account of the beneficiaries.

Similarly our state government has formulated special packages worth Rs 20, 000 crore. As a result,  a loan was given through kudumbashree. Free rations and kits were distributed. All of this was a great relief to the common people who could go hungry. It is in this context that these projects need to be further intensified.

          The state government had distributed a pension of about RS 8500 till April. The amount due every month was Rs 8500 when it came in arrears. What they want now is an amount that  will be in the hands of the common man.

      Currently, the welfare fund was distributing pensions. BPL,AAY card holders who did not get pension were given Rs 1000 each. There are APL card holders who do not get a lot of benefits.  Similarly there are a lot of ordinary people who do not get such benefits. 

       There are lots of people on our shores of Kerala who are eligible for such benefits excluding Those who work in government, semi government, Cooperative and public sector undertakings those who do business and so on. It would be a great thing to be able to distribute at least Rs 5,000 to such people.

 Such a demand has arisen among the people. It also has a purpose of knowing your opinion. Agricultural sector, fisheries,  employment, business sectors, all these benefits are provided but as interest bearing loans. Agricultural loan through kisan card is payable at 4% interest. Please share this to others.

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