Expatriates need self declaration from August 8

            Today I would like to sharing with you one  of the biggest things expatriates need to know. This is a  directive issued by the union home ministry to foreigners. This will coming  in to effect on August 8. 

           People coming home from abroad must have taken the RTPC test within 4 days. The government has avoid  7 days for those who tested negative for RTPC. 

       That is the new guideline given by the central government. This low will come into effect from August 8. 72 hours before returning home from abroad,  self declaration must be submitted on the new delhi airport website. 

                 New guidelines require people who submit  their self declaration 72 hours in advance to do so for 7 days at the government institute quarantine and 7 days at home quarantine. The new guidelines says that every state government can develop its own protocol regarding isolation or Institute quarantine  depending on the situation after the arrival of the passengers.

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